Friday, September 7, 2012

my journey

Right from the start, my sole goal in this journey is always to fulfill my dreams and not to engage in any foolish acts of man. Along the way, I never intend to devour anyone's pride, destroy certain existing social hierarchy nor seek for temporary comfort in the expense of others. All I want is to be the person I wanna be and do the things that are intended for my family's welfare. It is also by fate, a consolation to meet those who can really see my soul. People whom I call friends. People who always inspire me to live my life with light disposition. Anyone can just put a different meaning on everything i do. Anyone can just accuse me of being superficial  but if you're genuinely uninfluenced by any evil thoughts, all you see is the sincerity of my intentions and the truthfulness of my words.
Guarded by my morals and strong conviction to succeed, i shall continue with my journey no matter how long it'll take me and wherever it will be...