Saturday, July 31, 2010

how dare u?

how dare u judge me wen u dont know my struggles in d past as a wife ... and even f u do so, y are u still denying me on feeling the feelings i have about my intuitions? i can't understand people sometimes... they tend to say something that they didn't really understand... read between the lines... observe and dont be fooled by what they reasoned as the truth... u dont know about people these days... they tend to be more risk- taker, decieving and dishonest...
however, if u tolerate immorality in ur system then, so be it... sooner or later u will realize how much part of ur soul has already burned in hell...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Some Gift Wrapping Ideas

Giving of gift is a wonderful expression of how people appreciate others. It's also a symbolic way of showing affection to those whom you value most. It comes in all sizes and monetary or sentimental significance for various types of affairs and occasions. At times, people give gifts without apparent reason or even without any occasion at all.
Mostly, a good presentation of a gift matters and there's no better way to do that than
gift wrapping. Similar to clothes, it marks certain impressions on the part of the giver. However, custom gift wrapping at the malls or craft stores can be very expensive. So, having a good set of imagination and creativity will do much trick in order to save a lot of money. With this, the following are areas you may want to consider in order to make your little project extraordinarily pleasant but doesn't empty your pocket:
(1) Identifying your budget must be the first thing on mind. You must set your limit within the allowable fund to avoid guilt from overspending. When walking along the shelves of good crafting materials, you must always think of what you need for your project in a particular time and not about for future ones. It might not be used and will just add up to your " later to use" clutters.
(2) Knowing what materials to use is also another factor to consider. Having a list is very helpful especially when you tend to forget small details of your project. It can be time consuming if you go to the craft's store without previously identifying what stuff you need. You must plan ahead at least a day or a few hours before crashing off the store to avoid buying the wrong or unnecessary materials for it.
(3) It is important as well to know the gender and personality of the receiver. These will determine the design of your project. A floral and pink design may not be applicable to a male reciever. Its either he or you will be embarrassed during the occassion. If you lack information about the person you're planning to give your gift, it is vital to ask from available resources (relatives, colleagues, classmates or friends).
(4) A motif/theme affects the mood of the occassion. It conceptualizes the whole experience of it. And you should match your gift wrapping design to it. Colors play a significant element of the motif/theme. It can make an impact to your gift. Hence, you should choose the right ones for the occassion and gender of the receiver.
(5) Think about "out of the box" ideas. It doesn't necessarily mean that when it comes to gift wrapping, you can solely use papers and ribbons.
Don't be afraid to try out other unconventional materials. Beads, feathers, flowers, stones, fabrics or even metal pieces can do magic as accents and focal points for it. Glass bottles, sea shells, wood, fruit's husks can be the outstanding ideas as gift containers other than a simple lame cardboard box. You can also recycle some materials you'll find in your whymsical craft box. This saves a lot of pennies.

Nevertheless , it's anything goes when it comes to gift wrapping. The world is a big canvass to work on. Explore or play with it and you'll be amazed of what you can do! Regardless of how you labor or spent for your project, it is always essential to do it whole-heartedly and not just to impress others. After all, your gift will be delightfully accepted no matter how big, small or how it is made.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

ADDU CAT Class of 2010-11 Silent Drill

This morning I witnessed a silent drill performed by the Ateneo de Davao High School CAT, Class of 2010 in celebration of the Feast of St. Ignatious de Loyola. The latter is the founder of the Jesuit education. In the Philippines alone, there are eight universities and hundreds were established abroad.
Its my third time to attend such important event of the Ateneans in Davao City. Everyone was excited as they march at the ADDU Sports Complex. Parents, administrators, teachers, students played as spectators. Some were cheering as they execute the different military gestures and movements. I'm impressed about their uniform. Most of the colors are showcasing the "true-blue" Atenean color. However, i would consider the performance as fair because it lacks syncrocity, speed and accuracy. I also sighted a number of errors.
I believe that they still need to practice more to do such thing. Errors might not happen if they have enough time to prepare. For me, however, silent drill is more than just showing off the syncronicity of the movements or the cost and aesthetic value of their uniforms. Its a conviction of being a Filipino soldier which affects the way he/she disposes him/herself to the public. The movements are very indication of how committed they are in undertaking their duties. These students are the potential leaders of our country. Therefore,the school must make an intensified program for them. Finally, I still congratulate the ADDU CAT Class of 2010-11 for taking part of the Ateneo de Davao History.

Friday, July 23, 2010

the struggles of selective mutism

All of us are facing daily challenges. It only differs in the gravity and levels depending on how we handle the situations that life is offering us. As an educator and a formator, I'm concerned about the cases of referrals in my office. These are students that need to be closely monitored from time to time.
Few of the cases that i'm handling right now are AD/HD, oppositional defiant disorder, stealing and the most challenging is selective mutism (SM). Based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV), selective mutism is described as a rare psychological mental disorder in children. Children and adults with the disorder are fully capable of speech and understanding language, but can fail to speak in certain social situations when it is expected of them. It is in presentation an inability to speak in certain situations. They function normally in other areas of behavior and learning, though appear withdrawn and some are unable to participate in group activities. As an example, a child may be completely silent at school, for years at a time, but speak quite freely or even excessively at home (
My student has suffered in this disorder for more than two years now since she was enrolled in our school in 2008. I met her a month ago. At first, I didn't realize that she has SM because she greeted her former guidance counselor together with her elder sister as they sneaked on her office. It was only a few minutes later after they left when my officemate told me that she has SM and she's going to be one of the cases I'll handle this school year. I was amaze for she could speak to us freely. And so, I set an appointment with her previous counselor and she relayed everything to me regarding her condition.

She only speaks at home and in most of the public places except in school. If ever she does, it will be a very rare instance and it is with those people whom she trusts specifically those who were/are not her teachers (sister and best friend). I also scanned on her records and discovered that her IQ is superior but her actual performance is only an average. This clearly shows that she's underachieving from her actual intellectual capacity which is superior. It maybe due to her condition because a number of learning opportunities are missed since social skills and communication are major issues in school if one wants to cope with academic demands. I also learned that she has a "trauma" on the school she previously enrolled and this affected her views about it. Bullying and teacher-factor are few of the major concerns she had experienced in that school. Her emotional coping is very low and underdeveloped. This shows on how she manages herself in social situations especially in dealing with difficult scenarios. Based on her records, she was 7 months younger than her age group when she started schooling. However, we could say that her age could be one factor on why she has poor emotional coping. This is a kind of struggle which she might carry until she reaches adolescence and worst yet, in adulthood if not given an immediate help.

As part of the intervention, I went on a meeting with her subject teachers and class moderator. We discussed about the matter and came up with a plan to help her overcome SM. I also referred her to a counselling psychologist for an assessment and I found out important details in the results of her tests. I can’t reveal the entire and actual results here due to issues on confidentiality. However, it is suggested that in dealing with her, people must treat her with utmost care in terms of giving instructions and conversing with her even if she doesn’t talk. There might also be other activities that I’ll be giving which would largely involve her family, friends, classmates and teachers.

Meanwhile, I called her the other day for another session in my office and she mentioned to me about an oral test that she will undertake a few minutes after our session. So, I took that opportunity to make her realize that it’s okay to talk and presented her some possible consequences. I set a goal for her and she agrees to it freely.

On the night of the same day, I receive an email coming from the teacher who gave her the oral test and reported to me how successful it was. Though, she was still accompanied by her sister during the test, she was able to answer the questions asked by her teacher verbally. Hence, this is considered a progress in her condition. I’m so happy to know that our intervention had helped her in some way. I’m hoping that this improvement will continue and eventually she will recover from this dark phase of her life.