Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Thou Shalt Not Use God's Name in Vain

  "Thou shalt not use God's name in vain..." This is the first of "The Ten Commandments of God" written in the books of Exodus and Deuteronomy based on the Hebrew and Roman Catholic Bible. And firmly I believed that the frequent abuse of it is becoming universal nowadays made possible by a number of social networking sites.
I have nothing against some people who are expressive in terms of exercising their faith by putting it into words and share it to almost anyone they know. However sometimes, you just can't help but notice and ask if they really mean what they are saying or they're just doing it out of a habit. And worst yet, it is just for some mere self- presentation purposes. It is all the more quite disturbing if you personally know these people who are fond of posting "godly" words and wall pictures at a certain social networking site ending almost each sentence with "god bless". At times, they are telling you or others to "pray" for your or their happiness, sorrows, shortcomings and practically almost anything under the sun that you could think of when in reality they just have nothing left to say when the situation is becoming awkward for them since they don't truly care for you or those people that they are conversing with. For me, its too generic and redundant like you could always read it from anyone online. I sometimes think that they are just using it as a cliche piece of advice as a shield for their lack of genuine personal regard. I wish they never said anything at all to those people if they are not true about what they say. The sad thing is no one has ever had the courage to throw it back unto their faces. I know, this may yield a number of reactions from anyone but I just wanna speak my mind and even you yourself could notice it too.

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