Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Mom's Kitchen

I don't really know how to cook not until I got married. When I was younger, I just observed my mother doing the things in the kitchen and sometimes asking her questions or helping her out but I never had a chance to do a dish on my own. It's kinda weird but she seemed annoyed when somebody is talking to her while cooking. She used to "shoo" us away in her calm voice and tell us to do our own thing rather than disturb her at the kitchen. Haha! Well, I now understand that she just doesn't want us to get our hands dirty and lose our interest in studying. She would sacrifice everything just to get us all finish our education. Yes, my mother was a spoiler and even until now, she does things for her grandchildren.

Most of the things I learned from home management comes from my mother especially when it comes to experimenting on newly discovered recipes. It was always exciting to work with her since I started showing some interest in the kitchen. She has no degree in culinary arts but for me she's like a "walking encyclopedia" when it comes to mouth-watering main dishes. Even her relatives could attest to that. My mom is their favorite cook in most of their family gatherings in her younger years and now, she's gradually passing it to me. I feel pressured to that but I'm really flattered when she compliments the taste of my cooking. It's indeed rewarding when your family appreciates what you do for them. All the more, if it comes from your own mother. The very person whom I've been admiring since I was a kid. Happy cooking everyone!

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